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Women in Business

Giving Young Women a Head Start in the Work Place

Based on the same structure as Project M, the Women in Business workshop is specifically targeted at young women who will soon be beginning on their own career path.  This dynamic programme works to inspire and motivate students to aim high.

Combining a selection of learning techniques including brainstorming, presentations and role plays with real life case studies of successful women, we aim to help students believe in themselves and their potential.  Examples of case studies that we use are Anita Roddick (The Body Shop), Margaret Thatcher (Politics), J K Rowling (Writer), Nicole Fahri (fashion) and Moira Stewart (news reader).  The innovative workshop supports the governments 9 statutory requirements for work-related learning through its focus on CVs, application letters and interview techniques.

Our Aim

The aim of the workshop is to help young women support their academic portfolio with knowledge and skills relating to their professional development.  With a solid understanding of the world of work, application strategies and the requirements of employers, our young women really can achieve their immense potential.

Our message throughout the session is “Why not you?  If you know what to do, you can make it happen.” 

Our workshop is based on 2 principles:

  • Within every individual lies the desire and the capacity to achieve – all they require is the knowledge and the opportunity
  • Learning through participation is more effective than simply learning through instruction
  • The Workshop

    We come to your school and two of our Consultants deliver a dynamic and interactive two-hour workshop to a group of young women (up to twenty students).  With our specialist knowledge of the work place and employers requirements we furnish young adults with an excellent insight into winning job applications and CVs.  We offer:

    • Each student is provided with a useful pack summarising the workshop
    • Each workshop is evaluated by the participants based on learning objectives.  We then provide each school with an audit trail and transparency i.e. “Did this provide good value for money?”
    • We run a competition (usually HMV vouchers as prizes) for each group so they can put what they have learnt into action 

    Our Consultants

    Our consultants all have experience of working with young adults as well as first hand experience in recruitment which puts them in the ideal position to conduct the workshops. 

    Both Hayley Ormrod and Angela Cahill, who run the Women in Business Workshops have achieved enormous success in the Business World and would be delighted to talk through and/or submit their profiles with you at any time!

    Call us now on 0845 370 2580

    A pre delivery visit to ensure we have a good understanding of your schools culture, students and particular needs, therefore ensuring an excellent experience for the participants
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